Michael Beasley Admits To Being Addicted To Skittles

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Following in the footsteps of Marshawn Lynch Suns forward Michael Beasley admitted to being addicted to skittles.

A bizarre confession as detailed by SBNation  in an interview Beasley did with the Arizona Republic:

Q: Is Skittles still your favorite candy? How often do you have them?

A: By far. I have them every day. Not as much as I used to. Probably like six or seven packs a day.

Q: Really? Fun-size or regular-sized bags?

A: The regular ones.

Q: Are the athletic trainers and team dieticians [sic.] good with that?

A: I don’t bring them to the arena any more. I just eat them at home and keep them to myself. My favorite pack is the wild berry-the best, by far. I like to stick with the wild berry. The red pack is original so it’s always going to be good, but that wild berry takes it to another level.

Lamar Odom has made his case as being the resident ‘candy man’ in the league, but surely Beasley isn’t too far off.

Six to seven packs is absolutely insane, but as long as it doesn’t affect his game to each his own.

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