Michael Crabtree And Dez Bryant Say They’re The Future Of NFL (Video)


Who would have known that Michael Crabtree and Dez Bryant were such good friends.  What you can expect is hilarity to ensue with these two in the company of each other.

Crabtree and Bryant were spotted by TMZ leaving BOA Steakhouse last night and the hilarious moments started to occur.  The two players were first asked about the NFL’s rule change regarding leading with the crown of your helmet.

Neither player responded.  TMZ moved on to another question, and asked the players how they feel about a gay NFL player possibly coming out of the closet soon.

Bryant as only Dez can do, yelled out “I don’t know nothing bout that,” while Crabtree went on a ramble that seemed to last about five minutes.

Crabtree struggled to get out what he was saying, rambling on “about the future of the NFL.”  He finally got it out, and stated, the future of the NFL, you are looking at the future of the NFL, the two hottest receivers in the game.”

I will digress from accusing either player of being under the influence, but Michael Crabtree needs his own show.

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  • They’re both from Texas and David Wells the mentor/advisor for Bryant, helped Crabtree early on as well..

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