Michael Crabtree Temporarily Lost Vision During Super Bowl

M. Crabtree, Luck

The lights weren’t the only thing to go black during the Super Bowl, apparently Michael Crabtree did as well.

From NSEN.com., Michael Crabtree did an interview with NFL Network on Thursday and shared his experiences about playing in the Super Bowl. Among those, Crabtree shared that after Ravens Cornerback Jimmy Smith hit him, he temporarily lost his vision.

“When the guy hit me, he hit me all in the face,” Crabtree said. “I’m not tripping. I’m not one to whine about nothing, but he hit me all in the face and I couldn’t really see after he hit me.”

“They hit me, I really couldn’t see. … Then [my vision] just came back. It’s not concussion-like. When you get hit in football, it’s going to feel like you can’t see. It’s going to feel intense. But it snapped back. It happens all the time in football.”

Crabtree shared that by the next snap, his vision returned. With the rising awareness in player safety on the football field, Crabtree experiences shows that the NFL has a lot more to worry about than just concussions and brain damage.