Michael Irvin Says He Loves Richard Sherman And His Trash Talk


Richard Sherman has been on a role since his season ended in a playoff loss to Atlanta.  Sherman got into a twitter beef with Darrelle Revis, then delivered ether to Skip Bayless on his own show last week.

Sherman who is catching some flak for all the noise he’s been making, has a surprising fan in former Cowboys great Michael Irvin.

Irvin who admitted to USA Today that Revis is a better corner than Sherman, still loves the bravado and swagger he brings with him as a cornerback.  As Irvin put it about Sherman, “he’s a new type of cornerback, I love his trash talk.”

“The great corners I went up against did not talk,” he tells USA TODAY Sports. “They were so focused on the task at hand. I like Richard Sherman. I like the bravado. I like the confidence. Anybody that says what he’s planning on doing and then goes out and accomplishes it; it messes with your head. It really does.

“You think, that is a man who has the ability to impose his will on you, and that’s what Sherman is. And he’s confident about it. I like that about him.”

Irvin said that he can appreciate the ability that Sherman has to rattle opposing players, and get them out their game.

“It takes energy. With Sherm, once you master it, where you’re talking and still playing, it’s a huge advantage,” Irvin says. “Because you’re trying to get the guy off his game. You’re putting pressure on his head. I used to say to a corner at Texas Stadium, “Man, it’s hot in here. It’s 115 degrees out here.” Then after that second or third quarter, he comes to line up before a play and he says, ‘man, you’re right Mike, it’s hot out here.’

“So you just let me know this has been lingering in your mind for two quarters.”

Michael Irvin did take time to let USA Today know that even with everything Sherman does well, none of the talk, physicality, or bravado would have worked on him.

“I don’t know if he would have been talking to me. His game is very physical. That’s his greatest asset. That happened to be my greatest asset. Sherm, knowing that he’s physical and most receivers aren’t, he can talk. I would’ve welcomed it.”