Michael Jordan Confirms He Didn’t Pay Off Oral Sex Teacher Pamela Smith



This just confirms what we reported yesterday that Pamela Smith was trying to extort Michael Jordan and use his name for her 15 minutes of fame.

After Smith dropped her paternity suit case, Jordan came out with a statement saying that he didn’t pay her a dime and the entire thing was just a con game to get money and attention.

Jordan, 50, denied that he was the 16-year-old’s father and had filed a countersuit, contending that, in Smith’s divorce case, her ex-husband had been established as the father of the teenager.

Estee Portnoy, Jordan’s spokeswoman, told the AP on Monday that there was no financial settlement with Smith and that the lawsuit was without merit. Jordan recently applied for a license to marry his longtime fiancee.


  1. Ok, now where are all those females that were commenting about how Jordan should pay up, he was a deadbeat, she was justing wanting this for her son’s, etc, etc, etc.. They are extremely silent now.

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