Michael Jordan Planning To Counter Sue Oral Sex Teacher Pamela Smith

michael jordan counter suit pamela smith

If you thought you had heard the last between Pamela Smith and Michael Jordan think again. The soon to be married basketball legend is ready to posturize Ms. Smith, after she alleged he fathered her 16 year-old son.

According to TMZ, Jordan has filed legal documents asking the courts to open the case so he can counter-sue Ms. Smith, suing her for his court cost and other sanctions that have not yet been revealed.

Good for MJ.  Groupies, attention seekers, liars, or whatever you want to call them needs to be stopped. They are able to spread such bizarre lies and since we all know athletes aren’t with the Poke every night we have to analyze it at face value. However now someone is finally fighting back. unfortunately the last person you want to be in a legal battle with is the guy who is world known and worth millions on millions, but she didn’t have any problems with suing him so now it’s her turn to take the bullet.

Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting… more money.

3 thoughts on “Michael Jordan Planning To Counter Sue Oral Sex Teacher Pamela Smith

  • I completely agree I hope he follows all the way through with a lawsuit. These groupies are getting completely out of control with dragging people names through the mud.

  • Good for MJ…he shouldn’t stop until she releases a statement & video admitting that she lied and apologizes.

  • Maybe this is how she intended to get him in a court of law once and for all. Did they do the horizontal tango a while back? Did she request DNA testing. She makes a public announcement of their dalliance, drop the demands for DNA testing, then drops her claim. Now MJ threatens lawsuit. MJ saying he is not the father is not enough. I’m hoping they both settle their issues privately like Marino did. Would Marino’s baby mama won her claim? I bet most people would have called her names like they are this woman. We don’t know the issues but we know these athletes can’t seem to avoid this type of drama. Hopefully they will settle this privately because this case will get ugly as her attorney deposes other women.

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