Michael Jordan’s Alleged Love Child Taj Begged His Mom to File Paternity Lawsuit

Taj Jordan Michael Jordan Secret Son

The original story didn’t make much sense, since Taj Jordan’s mom Pamela had known for years, that her son’s dad was probably Michael Jordan.

She didn’t ask for any financial assistance or notoriety from that, for 16 years, so it seemed odd and out of the blue she would file court papers asking for child support now.

According to TMZ, the mom wasn’t the driving force behind the lawsuit, it was her rapper son, who desperately wants to be acknowledge as Michael Jordan’s son.  Jordan has met Taj a few times and has giving him gifts here and there, but he wants more. If you think about it, that makes more sense. Michael Jordan’s sons from his marriage to Juanita Jordan live a pretty charmed life that includes a lot of strippers and alcohol.

I am sure Taj can use Google and wonders why he isn’t living that same life. It appears he is living comfortably, but there is a big difference between being comfortable and Michael Jordan comfortable. If MJ isn’t going to acknowledge him publicly, they are trying to get him to do it legally.

2 thoughts on “Michael Jordan’s Alleged Love Child Taj Begged His Mom to File Paternity Lawsuit

  • Something is still a little shady about this whole story.

  • Taj wonts to be a rapper .The contreversoy will bring attention to him in turn bringing his music to the public.I think he wonts the publicity from this he does not care if jordan acknowledges him or not.He is in a win win situatuoin.
    If jordan gives the money (taj wins by having the money and acknowledgement).He has already won the medias attention(he is a rapper and jordan’s love child LOL!).The boy is no fool if he does not get a deal he will have money.If he is MJ loves child he may think using his daddies name will influence music reps”which in all honesty it will”.

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