Michael Jordan’s Alleged Secret Son’s Godmother, Says They Aren’t Gold Diggers (Video)


Michael Jordan Pamela

I am not exactly sure what Michael Jordan’s alledged secret son and his family want from him. If they wanted money, they should have went after him a long time ago.

This leads me to believe they just want the attention. The son is a rapper, the mom is a oral sex teacher and the godmother likes giving interviews.

Whatever the case maybe, the Godmother wants the world to know they aren’t gold diggers and Taj Jordan’s mom is really a nice sweet and innocent woman.


    • YES she was married one year before Grant Reynolds was born. Her husband divorced her over sleeping with Dominique Wilkins. Now she is living with another married man Robert Dean in Atlanta. He scammed several network marketing companies, Tahitian Noni, Monavie, Evolv water, Visalus, Limu, North American Power out of millions. Now is he dead broke after being sued and companies getting judgments against him. His wife lives in Atlanta also. Pamela is a flight attendant who is trying to write a book and get a reality show about MJ. Robert is so BROKE, he flies on her buddy travel passes

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