Michael Jordan’s Secret Son Baby Mama Pamela Smith is an Oral Sex Teacher (Video)

Pamela Evette Smith

Nothing surprises me anymore. I have been in the industry long enough to know what you see from a distance, isn’t what is really going on behind the scenes.

So, when I originally saw that the woman who is now suing Michael Jordan for back child support 16 years later, is a sex instructor, I raised an eyebrow, but wasn’t surprised. Then, I started to investigate and there was a lot information to found.

Pamela Sex Instructor moniker is Evette Smith. Here is how she describes what she does.

America’s Hottest Love Expert/ Loveologist/Relationship Coach/Author Professional Speaker, Men/Women Issues.

As this story has gotten more attention, Ms. Smith has started to shut down things (YouTube page is now private and website says under construction), hoping people wouldn’t find out exactly what she had been doing, but the information is still out there.

Financially troubled Pamela Smith, 48, claims she became pregnant with Jordan’s son after a 1995 tryst.

Michael Jordan Pamela

Until suing Michael last month, most of Smith’s run-ins with the Fulton County Superior Court had come from two Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings in 2008, records show.

She has a longstanding history of tax liens, including $1,378 in 1999, $2,704 in 2002, $1,349 in 2006, and $1,157 in 2007 — all of which went to collections before Smith managed to pay at the last minute, records show.

She has been doing the sex expert thing for a while, part of this type of job is getting people to believe you are telling them something special when it is really just common sense.  She seems to be good at hustling people.

Her website, www.officialqueenofromance.com, says that she works as a certified “loveologist” and relationship coach.

The site describes Smith as a former model, NFL cheerleader and boxing ring girl who’s now an entrepreneur. She conducts sex seminars in which she is described as a “hands-on” educator. The site also sells several books, including one titled 10 Tips to Fellatio.

Pamela Smith Michael Jordan

Pamela Smith Michael Jordan 2

The question still begs, why is she suing Michael Jordan now, when she has known about this over the past 16 years? Is it strictly financial, to help her sex business and get out of debt? Is it because her son wants Jordan to help with his rap career? Is it because they want a reality show?


I will let you decide what you believe, but I do have one question.

Why would I take relationship advice from someone who isn’t in a one and thinks it is a good idea to sue the father of her child 16 years after the fact?

4 thoughts on “Michael Jordan’s Secret Son Baby Mama Pamela Smith is an Oral Sex Teacher (Video)

  • Went to same Atlanta high school. Pam is Dominique Wilkins fling fling from back in the day. Was married to a guy name Greg or Craig Reynolds when boy was conceived and born. He divorced her recently then got house foreclose She is america flight stewardess by day and sex instructor at night.

    • Her husband name GLENN REYNOLDS.

    • Well LaTisha if what you say is true then her coming out now makes more sense. I wonder how long her ex new the kid was maybe Jordan’s.

      • The son looks just like the ex husband though and the divorce was dragged out for years, it didnt happen over night.

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