Michael Vick Is Attending Dog Training Classes With His Dog And Family (Photos)


Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has a little of free time on his hands before he begins his quarterback competition with Nick Foles, so what better way to use your time wisely, then to sign your family and yourself up for some dog training classes.

The photo courtesy of Crossing Broad show Vick, and the family dog, Angel,  during dog training classes at a New Jersey Pet Smart.

Vick is reportedly usually joined by Angel, a Belgian Malinois, his family, and a bodyguard.  Crossing Broad is reporting that Vick is a regular at the store and signed up for a total of six training classes on Monday evenings, with this being the second week.

I know the outrage is about come about the fact that he’s a convicted dog killer, and should have no right to own a dog or be around them.

I am an optimistic type of guy, a glass half full kind of guy, and I take solace in the fact that he has his family engaged, and they are all learning about how to treat and interact properly with dogs.



30 thoughts on “Michael Vick Is Attending Dog Training Classes With His Dog And Family (Photos)

  • Cruelty and torture of innocent animals is not a mistake. It is an inherent character flaw that can’t be undone with spin or claims of cultural differences. I don’t give a rat’s ass about a person’s race, creed, or religion – some things are just intrinsically wrong and the ability to do them (much less ENJOY doing them) tells me all I need to know about their value as a human being. I’m protective of my children, too. And people with Vick’s utter lack of empathy or a moral compass are high on my list to protect them from.

  • I’ve been in pit rescue for several years and volunteered with a rescue that helped place a few of his survivors. PetSmart ought to be ashamed of itself. They’ll be losing business from the rescues I network with for sure. Sick bastard… someone ought to put him down.

  • Leatherneck, you are SO right on that we are the least lovable species on the planet. Why we’re at the top of the food chain is beyond me.
    Chris and Willie, educate yourselves before posting excuses for his behavior. If you had seen some of these dogs in person, I guarantee you would change your thinking. I’m assuming neither of you have dogs. You certainly can’t call yourselves dog lovers.

  • Not only should he not be allowed to have a dog,he has no right to earn ‘millions’ playing football. If I was an Eagles fan before, I would not be now.

  • Who are any of y’all to judge and say what this man deserves and what he doesn’t? U do the crime you do the time, last time I checked he did 2 years in one of the worst fed joints in America. Most people think pits should be banned anyway, but y’all get on here and bash the man b/c he’s taking a training class at pet smart lol. Get a life and leave Vick alone. Only GOD can judge

    • Got a life, D, and a damn good one at that – but thanks for the thought. I certainly am not bashing the man for taking his dog to a training class. Maybe you should re-read my post. And as for saying only GOD can judge, that would mean that mankind should not have to worry about any consequences for what they do here on earth, right? I’m sure that would work out well for the whole planet. If we have no right to judge anybody, then I guess we should have given free passes to Hitler, Stalin, and any other murderous scumbags you want to name. I am not in any way putting Vick in that company, but I certainly reserve the right to have my opinion and judge him any way I damn well please. He has a large hole where your GOD is reputed to put empathy for the helpless. How about this for a GODLY solution? An eye for an eye – turn the dogs loose on him. Biblical, no?

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