Michael Vick Is Attending Dog Training Classes With His Dog And Family (Photos)


Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has a little of free time on his hands before he begins his quarterback competition with Nick Foles, so what better way to use your time wisely, then to sign your family and yourself up for some dog training classes.

The photo courtesy of Crossing Broad show Vick, and the family dog, Angel,  during dog training classes at a New Jersey Pet Smart.

Vick is reportedly usually joined by Angel, a Belgian Malinois, his family, and a bodyguard.  Crossing Broad is reporting that Vick is a regular at the store and signed up for a total of six training classes on Monday evenings, with this being the second week.

I know the outrage is about come about the fact that he’s a convicted dog killer, and should have no right to own a dog or be around them.

I am an optimistic type of guy, a glass half full kind of guy, and I take solace in the fact that he has his family engaged, and they are all learning about how to treat and interact properly with dogs.



30 thoughts on “Michael Vick Is Attending Dog Training Classes With His Dog And Family (Photos)

  • While I Malinois is not a pit, they are typically used as police K-9s. Seems to me that he wants to maintain the persona of a thug by having this type of dog around. It’s one thing to have guard dogs when you are a celebrity, but another thing to take them to PetSmart for “training”. I was not a fan of Vick before the dog fighting thing, and I am still not a fan. I wish that he was never allowed to own another dog, but alas, I was not asked.

    • Get over it!

      • Not until Vick is hit by a bus will I get over it.

  • I will never forgive him for what he did. There are those that say he paid his debt to society. Bullshit. He went to jail for running an illigal gambling ring. His unforgivable crimes include not only training dogs to fight and killing them but also kidnapping family pets, pulling out all of their teeth and throwing them to the fighting dogs to get them used to the fighting and the taste of blood. The man is and always will be a disgusting thug.

    • AGREE TOTALLY!!!!!!

    • Get over it….

    • So how do you feel when people are killed? Or children molested? Or People shooting a school of kids? Or I can go on… you supposed animal lovers are haters of people and not living in reality. You must have a miserable life. I dont agree with what he did but comeon its a lot more things going on in the world that people defend that dont make sense. Just like you. SPCA kills certain breeds on the spot whether they are aggressive or not but I dont see the haters in front of that location or talking about. Lol hilarious

      • I have been following this for 2 days after my original post and still cannot believe how people can defend Vick on any of his sordid deeds relating to dogs. People saying he served his time. gave money to charity and so forth are just living in denial. I relate this to other forms of sick behavior such as child molestation. If you are so sick that you cannot treat children and little animals properly there is no hope for you in society. Players in professional sports no matter how twisted they are can get away with anything because they have the right amount of money and ability on the field or court to make things disappear. This has nothing to do with race or religion, but more so a corrupt person who is morally bankrupt. So stop defending him because we do not buy his acts of contrition.

        • You say that he is morally bankrupt, but what should come of that? Do you think he should have been put to death…or, should he not be given a chance to change? It seems like no matter what he does, people really wanted to see him killed or destroyed, and that to me is a problem.

      • My local SPCA doesn’t kill any breeds on the spot. Unfortunately I do live in a very harsh reality. I can’t “unsee” some of the things I have in my ER and Peds rotations. Emotions have to be pushed aside to give your patients the best care possible. In rescue, that’s a little harder to do as animals don’t have a choice.

    • I doubt he is worried about whether or not you forgive him, nor what your opinion is of him. Unfortunately, we put more value on the life of a dog than we do on children. Most people who condemn Vick and won’t give him a second chance for what he did to dogs, have no problem with the murder of an unborn child.

  • boy jimmy u hit a low yourself didnt u?? yes he fought dogs and served time 4 it.but now u r giving him new charges of kidnap and illegal dentistry lol?i would like 2 know morebout the kid napping and the pulling of the teeth and 2 educate us more on the fact that the dogs dont fight 4 blood that is total bs i know u heard that from the media but dogs dont fight 4 blood.u really need 2 educate yourself b4 slamming any1.i dont c him having a dog being a problem as long as its not a pit bull and he is at petsmart its not attack class its obedience u haters jus keep on loving your animals more than u luv the human race and c where it gets u!!!

    • It was much harder for me to have my dog put down than it was to kill a few bad guys in Vietnam. By and large, humans may be the least lovable species on the planet. No other animal treats its own kind the way we do. Vick and others of his ilk should be put in a pit with some of those dogs that don’t like blood.

      • RIGHT ON!!!!!

    • Willie..YOU need to educate yourself. Vick murdered dogs for (1) if they would not fight (2) if they lost a fight. You need to read up on this dispicable human puke…he personally electrocuted dogs by anal shock!! This came out in trial and no, he did not fully pay for his crime as far as I am concerned. Why do you thinks he taking a favorite breed of law enforcement/military K9??? Its their ease of traning, fearlessness and loyality…the only reason he has this dog is to train it to attack so he won’t get caught again!!! Once the dog ‘learns’ obedience Vick can train him to do anything. Oh yeah…a black guy praising a black con…lol sure

      • No bonnie you need to go learn facts of the case,Some of you needs to go get a life ,He serve his time and came out and have been RAISING alot of MONEY ever since for PETA and others. All Vick did was to supply the MONEY and the PLACE to which the dogfighting took place, He was hardly ever there, It was his boys who did all the crazy stuff.but they always go after the big fish regardless.BTW..DOGFIGHTING was part of the culture where he grew up along with gangbanging and drugs , he happen to fall into one of the 3.

  • Alas, here we have the unnecessary reporting of Vick’s personal life, which is ALWAYS followed by people who swear they will not forgive him…which is another issue I will not touch on. And to top if off, because of this undying hate for Michael Vick, he can never be judged as a normal person. Doesn’t apply to everyone, just those who fit the description and so on and so fourth. And people wonder why I am so protective of my children and the things they should know if they ever become a pro athlete. No matter what you accomplish…ever…your mistakes will be how society judges you.

  • What a joke! The fact remains that he killed hundreds of dogs in his operation until he was caught. He should be banned from having any contact with any animals the rest of his life. What is this a slow news day?

    • EXACTLY!!!!!!

    • It’s definitely a “slow brain” day from some of these posts! 😛

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