Michigan State Fans Burn Couches After Loss To Duke

michigan state fan burn couch

This why I moved far away from campus. Students get crazy after a loss.

Last night the Duke Blue Devils advanced to the Elite Eight after beating Michigan State 71-61. So if you’re a Michigan State fan what do you do to get over the hurt of your team losing? I guess the norm is out the window. Having a few drinks or sleeping off the pain is not enough for some distraught fans. No, they decided in order to fuel their pain and hurt they needed to burn up some perfectly good couches.

michigan state burn couches

I suppose there will be a few people sitting on the floor today.

According to mlive.com, at least seven couches were torched in the middle of the street, and this is some what of a tradition after a loss. Luckily no one was injured besides the broken hearts of Michigan State fans.

MSU basketball losses and couch fires have coincided since at least 1999, when students and residents in East Lansing rioted following a Spartans loss in the Final Four. Similar incidents much smaller in scale have occurred since, in tandem with MSU wins and losses.

Michigan State did try to prior precautions to alert students, however there was nothing that said you were prohibited from burning your couches.

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