Mike Shanahan Says RG3 Needs To Learn How To Slide


One of the more amusing things about being a journalist are those moments when do you do a report or a post about something that is common sense, but you have to report it anyway.

In our common sense post of the day,  Redskins coach Mike Shanahan took time out from the league meetings going on to address his franchise quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Shanahan while speaking about his quarterback told the  Washington Posts Mark Maske that his quarterback indeed “needs to learn to slide or throw the ball away to protect himself.”

“Griffin will have to learn to slide, throw the ball away, protect himself, you can’t take shots consistently,” Shanahan said, via Mark Maske of theWashington Post.

Shanahan after saying all that, made it known that he won’t be eliminating the read option from his offense.

“The option will help a quarterback stay healthy,” Shanahan said.

We will see how long Griffin III and that read option last.