MMA Fighter Fakes Death & Two Weeks Later Arrested for Armed Robbery

Charles Rowan

I am pretty sure this story is going to be on Discovery ID.

Rosalinda Martinez told MMA Promoters Christos Piliafas and Scott DiPonio, that her boyfriend and MMA Fighter Charles Rowan died in a car accident on his way to his 5th fight with the promotion.

The promoters were so distraught, they were raising money for Rowan’s family including Rowan’s friend Michael Bowman.

“I thought for sure Charlie was dead. I mean, these people were hysterically crying,” said DiPonio, who gave the family $150 for expenses on the spot.

Two weeks ago, Piliafas and DiPonio helped raise $1,350 in proceeds and donations through their benefit event, Fight for Charlie.

A tearful Bowman showed up to collect the money.

“[He] came and looked me right in the eyes and took the cash and cried and came to my house and stayed the night,” DiPonio said.

One small problem though, Rowan wasn’t deal and three tried to rob a gun store two weeks later.

According to Gladwin County Sheriff Michael Shea, Martinez called 911 after the robbery and told investigators that she, too, had been attacked. But he said her story didn’t hold up and she, Rowan and Bowman were arrested.

Rowan has past convictions for failing to register as a sex offender and the attempted delivery and manufacture of marijuana. The Michigan Department of Corrections considers him a probation absconder.

Not the brightest criminals in the world. They are still being held in jail, while they await trial for armed robbery and assault with intent to murder.