NBA Selling Photos of DeAndre Jordan Soul Snatching of Brandon Knight for $14.99

Brandon Knight DeAndre Jordan Dunk

Some people in media are whining that people are being too tough on Brandon Knight, my response to that?

Listen, Brandon Knight has a lot of heart, trying to block a 7 foot guy with a running start, but when you get dunked on you get clowned, that is just life.

Everyone takes Ls from time to time, all you can do is laugh and keep it moving. No need for anyone to put on their Superman cape for Brandon Knight, he is going to be alright. His check is still going to be direct deposited and he still is going to have his groupies (maybe a few less after last night).

The NBA doesn’t care about hurt feelings, because as you can see courtesy of the Sports Grid they are profiting off Knight’s soul going to heaven.

DeAndre Jordan Dunk Brandon Knight