NFL Asks Fans If They Would Pay $25 To Attend Scouting Combine

NFL Asks Fans If They Would Pay $25 To Attend Scouting Combine

Last week NFL fans watched college hopefuls perform at the NFL combine. 300 lucky fans were able to attend in person. The fans were distributed free tickets based on an application where they asked to provide information that demonstrated they were real fans that deserved to go.

After the combine they were provided a survey where they were asked:

If in future years the NFL instituted a charge of $25 to attend the NFL Scouting Combine for one day, how likely would you be to buy tickets?

Clearly that question is being posed because the NFL sees this as an opportunity to increase revenue.

The NFL knows that its fans crave every bit of football they can get in the offseason, and tons would pay $25 to watch the combine live. This is an interesting concept that I expect will probably come to fruition. The only question I have is how will this affect the participants? Will they be able to remain focused? Will the fans be a distraction? Would more players elect to just participant in their school’s Pro Days to take the pressure off of performing not only for coaches and general managers, but also often their toughest critics…the fans.