Giants DT Shaun Rogers Has $500k In Jewelry Stolen By Groupie


When will professional athletes ever learn.  As long as incidents like this continue to happen, we will always have a nice flow of groupie tales to deliver to our readers.

In the latest installment of athletes thinking with the wrong head, we present you New York Giants defensive tackle Shaun Rogers.

CBS 4 in Miami is reporting that Rogers had about $500,000 in jewelry stolen from the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach.

The 34-year-old Rogers told police he left his room around 1 a.m. with  friends and made his way to the infamous Club Liv.

While partying, Rogers and his crew of course met a woman who the group brought back to Rogers’ room, according to Miami Beach Police.

Rogers told Miami Beach Police that he put his valuables in the room safe when he returned around 7 a.m., and the group continued to party.

At some point, around 7 a.m., Rogers finally fell asleep.  According to police, Rogers said at 12:30 p.m., he awoke and found the woman that they had brought home from the club gone.

Once Rogers realized the woman was gone, of course his antennas went up. Rogers told police he tried unsuccessfully to get into the room’s safe.

Hotel security then came to the room and was able to get open the safe and found Rogers’ valuables were missing.

Among the items Rogers said were stolen were: diamond earrings worth $100,000; two wristwatches worth a combined $160,000; a gold necklace with gold pendant worth $50,000; gold bracelets worth $60,000; and a diamond Cuban necklace with a gold pendant worth $70,000.

Rogers was on the Giants roster last season, but the season on injured reserve.

Smarten up Nas.

13 thoughts on “Giants DT Shaun Rogers Has $500k In Jewelry Stolen By Groupie

  • Not sure which is worse. Having 500k in jewelry stolen or having 500k worth of jewelry. Smarten up for real.

  • This story is suspect, so the woman along with being a groupie was also a master thief. How did she break into the room safe?? Why the hell would somebody carry $500k worth of jewelry around?? Maybe he should just consider it as payment for services rendered.

    • It’s fair to say that dude is not smart at all so as suspect as it seems, he may not have locked the safe properly or just used the “for example” safe code to lock it – the reason he couldn’t reopen it she changed the code LOL! IMO

      • LOL….you make some good points…could be true

  • This is a prime example of fools with money! I remember working a Chargers home game and LB Shawn Merriman accused us (security) of stealing $10k out of his pants pocket in the locker room. Folks, this dude threw a fit and everyone had to standby and be interviewed. The senior Chargers security supervisor ask Shawn to go to his car and check again; and come to find out he left it in his truck. We are talking $10,000 cash folks, not $10. I knew then these guys are spoiled and don’t have a clue how to handle/respect money. This story is yet another example…..

  • I bet my next paycheck another dumb rich athlete will make the same mistake this idiot did and some dirty hoe will come up like she won the lottery. Many of these stupid athletes will continue to save hoes and they will continue to be broke when their careers end. Excuse me, I’m going to go watch ESPN 30 for 30 broke!

  • He should have shot her with the gun he got caught with at the airport,

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