Northern Iowa WR runs 4.19 40 yard Dash at Pro Day

Terrell Sinkfield

I’m not sure many people knew who Northern Iowa wide receiver Terrell Sinkfield was before his pro day at the University of Minnesota. In fact, he was only at Minnesota’s pro day because Northern Iowa doesn’t have one of their own.

But, in life you are supposed to make the most of your opportunities. And Sinkfield did just that. After posting a blazing 4.27 in his first 40 attempt, Sinkfield took it a step further. Posting a 4.19 40 yard dash. Faster than Chris Johnson’s combine record 4.24.

Per Fox Sports North:

Just some determination,” Sinkfield said. “That was the expectation, really. Aim big. I was trying to get that 4.1.”

“I knew it was good when I finished,” Sinkfield said of his 4.19. “I was pretty happy, so I came back. I thought I messed up when they said go again. I’m like, ‘Dang, why do I have to run again?’”

“I just feel like I deserved to be playing here,” Sinkfield said of Minnesota. “It was kind of like a dream to play for the Gophers growing up. I pretty much came here with a chip on my shoulder. It was pretty much the plan since high school that I was going to come here (to the pro day) and steal the show. …

“Hopefully I opened some eyes and got some interest.

It will be interesting to see where the Northern Iowa product ends up now after posting such a fast time.

Speed kills in the NFL. And this prospect certainly has it.

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  • Dude averaged 11 ypc as a senior and longest was 35 yards in D1AA. I doubt he ran a 4.19.

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