Oral Sex Teacher Pamela Smith Drops Paternity Suit Against Michael Jordan

Pamela Evette Smith 2

Someone just got PAID in Harden Ones.

In the end, when people say it isn’t about the money, it is about the money. Pamela Smith said repeatedly, that she wanted to find out if Michael Jordan was the father of her 16 year old son Taj, not for money, but for him to have a relationship with his father.

All of sudden that has changed according to TMZ.

TMZ has learned Pamela Smith has filed legal documents in Georgia asking the judge to dismiss her case against MJ — and her request was granted without prejudice (meaning she can refile at a later time if she wants to).

It’s unclear why Pamela wanted the case dismissed — considering she had recently asked the court to order a DNA test ASAP.

While we can’t say for sure, why Pamela changed her mind so abruptly, but I am going to assume a check, with a lot of zeros behind it did the trick.

4 thoughts on “Oral Sex Teacher Pamela Smith Drops Paternity Suit Against Michael Jordan

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Jordan paid her money in the past and now gave up some more “hush money”.

    • Also she’s definitely a MILF…..no doubt

  • She either got paid or something about her past was going to be used against her.

  • She clearly didn’t expect her oral sex business, her massive money problems and her broke married boyfriend Robert Dean to get exposed. Can’t imagine how her ex husband/son father, Glen Reynolds must be feeling. What a disgusting way to be remembered; as a BLOW JOB EXPERT/SCAM CON ARTIST.

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