Oral Sex Teacher Pamela Smith Says Michael Jordan is Refusing to Take Paternity Test


Pamela Evette Smith 2

Michael Jordan is fighting hard to make sure he isn’t confirmed as the father of 16 year old Taj Jordan. He has tried to get the case dismissed and accused Taj’s mother Pamela Smith of basically extortion and attention whoring.

Pamela who is also a sex instructor who goes by Evette Smith, is trying to get the court to force Jordan into taking a DNA test.

She says she is 100% sure he is the father and here is how.

Pamela Smith filed new legal docs this week in her ongoing paternity suit with Jordan asking a judge to force the b-baller to pony up some fluids or hairs … or skin — this after Jordan recently denied fathering her son, Grant Taj Reynolds … born back in 1996. 

In the docs, Pamela says she KNOWS Jordan’s the dad because they had sex approx. 9 months before Grant’s birth — something she claims Jordan’s NEVER denied — and genetic testing will prove it resulted in the pregnancy. 


  1. Now or days it’s hard to tell whose lying! She could definitely have a motive, but the paternity test can prove that he’s not the father. Jordan just have to make sure that the results are legitimate.

    Black Urban Media

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