Pamela Smith Suing Michael Jordan over Secret Love Child Taj Jordan


Michael Jordan Pamela

Taj Jordan released a YouTube video a couple of months ago claiming to be Michael Jordan’s son and wanted a relationship with the NBA great.

At the time, there was some skepticism as to the legitimacy of the claim or whether Taj Jordan was just another teenager trying to get some attention. Taj’s mom Pamela caught wind of the attention her son was getting and decided to take legal action:

An Atlanta woman has filed a lawsuit saying basketball Hall of Famer and Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan is the father of her teenage son.

The lawsuit was filed Feb. 6 by Pamela Smith in Fulton County Superior Court. It requests Jordan take a paternity test, pay child support and share medical, dental and hospital costs that are not covered by insurance.

The lawsuit also requests the boy’s last name be changed to Jordan, and for a judge to order the Georgia Department of Vital Records to issue him a new birth certificate.

Publicist Estee Portnoy says Jordan has no comment and calls to Smith’s home and office were not immediately returned Friday afternoon.

According to court documents, Smith does not have an attorney and a court date is scheduled for March 12.

A report by TMZ gives further details to Smith’s claim:

Pamela Smith claims in her paternity suit — filed February 6 in Fulton County, GA and obtained by TMZ — she became pregnant after having sex with Jordan in 1995. Pamela gave birth to Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds — aka Taj — in June 1996. BTW, Jordan was married to Juanita Vanoy at the time he allegedly had sex with Smith.

Here is the video Taj posted on Christmas. Who do you believe?


  1. The boy is after Jordan’s $250 sneaker fortune. Let him have it.
    Let this woman have it. If you are black, you deserve a cut of this sneaker money- since youre the ones getting robbed or shot for them.

    • I followed all of your posts and i would like to say FREE747 SHUT THE FUCK UP! you are not funny posting racist comments. Racism is a serious matter that shouldnt be taken lightly, too many pointless deaths came from it. not all blacks blame others for their failures, and when some blacks do they have a valid reason for it because discrimination, racism, and stereotyping still goes on today. As a black man myself i feel the constant judging that goes on today and i see firsthand that i am being viewd differently than my white peers, so for you to think that its the blacks fault all the time, is really ignorant. Now towards this Michael Jordan issue, yes this issue isnt helping towards the image of blacks and the black community but the blame should be put on both the mother and the father because it takes two to make a child. If MJ is the father both him and her are to blame for this child and his upbringing. The mother should have notified MJ earlier, and If mj knew then he’s a piece of shit. No amount of money could give this boy the proper father care he should of had.

  2. Pam Smith Reynolds was married to Glenn Reynolds when the boy was conceived, born and raised by Glenn Reynolds until recently. After divorce, she foreclosed, file bankruptcy 2 times,lots of bad credit and bad debt. She is a oral sex instructor and flight stewardant

  3. If Michael Jordan has been “a part of” his life all of these years and MJ felt the need to keep this secret, someone (namely, his mother should tell this jyoug man that this isn’t going to do it. He should’ve had a talk with “his dad” and develop a relationship for MJ to man up and become father to this boy. But outing him on YouTube isn’t going to do it. If anything, it’ll probably push MJ even further away. It’s crappy but he’s already not being to much of a man about it by not being in the boys life. But then again, no one should expect his mother to know the right thing to do. After all, she slept with a married man and got pregnant by him. SMH. Trifling.

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