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Pamela Smith Suing Michael Jordan over Secret Love Child Taj Jordan

by Robert Littal | Posted on Friday, March 1st, 2013
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Michael Jordan Pamela

Taj Jordan released a YouTube video a couple of months ago claiming to be Michael Jordan’s son and wanted a relationship with the NBA great.

At the time, there was some skepticism as to the legitimacy of the claim or whether Taj Jordan was just another teenager trying to get some attention. Taj’s mom Pamela caught wind of the attention her son was getting and decided to take legal action:

An Atlanta woman has filed a lawsuit saying basketball Hall of Famer and Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan is the father of her teenage son.

The lawsuit was filed Feb. 6 by Pamela Smith in Fulton County Superior Court. It requests Jordan take a paternity test, pay child support and share medical, dental and hospital costs that are not covered by insurance.

The lawsuit also requests the boy’s last name be changed to Jordan, and for a judge to order the Georgia Department of Vital Records to issue him a new birth certificate.

Publicist Estee Portnoy says Jordan has no comment and calls to Smith’s home and office were not immediately returned Friday afternoon.

According to court documents, Smith does not have an attorney and a court date is scheduled for March 12.

A report by TMZ gives further details to Smith’s claim:

Pamela Smith claims in her paternity suit — filed February 6 in Fulton County, GA and obtained by TMZ — she became pregnant after having sex with Jordan in 1995. Pamela gave birth to Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds — aka Taj — in June 1996. BTW, Jordan was married to Juanita Vanoy at the time he allegedly had sex with Smith.

Here is the video Taj posted on Christmas. Who do you believe?

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  1. LB says:

    Why the hell would she wait until now to file for child support? Was Jordan paying her off to be quiet? Everybody wants to cash in….

  2. Bob says:

    why is this news??? who cares!

  3. Chavonne Harris says:

    After all these years, please kid get a job, and stop trying to live off of someone else’s fortune and hard work

    • Innah says:

      His other son lives off of his fortune. What’s the difference? Furthermore, Taj’s home seems like a nice place to live; and he doesn’t appear to be wanting for much. Perhaps this issue really is about MJ taking care of all of his responsibilities and being the man that many of us look up to.

    • Trey Jones says:

      This is your response? Kid get a job? How insensitive! At least wait until the paternity test comes out. It’s not MJ was the most faithful husband. I remember seeing him out publicly with various different women when he was here in DC. Have the paternity test, if it comes back neg… then tell the kid to kick rocks.

  4. Buzz says:

    Surely there can be no truth to this story…You can’t possibly believe that his airness could have done this…after all who ever heard of a black athlete spawning and moving on…get real…must be a fairy tail

    • Tasha says:

      Of course not, like the “master” did not spawn and go on. I guess they learned from them,lol.

      • free747 says:

        Stupid comment=especially of you are a black woman. Stop making excuses for black males. BTW- slaves women being raped is not the same as these gross, stupid, amoral black pro atheletes “mackin” on hundreds of women and girls while their wives are at home.
        In the end, black women get “screwed”- that is the only comparison.

    • free747 says:

      Buzz- you are trolling

  5. Kman says:

    “Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds”
    Whats with all the names?
    Mom wanted to make sure all the possible daddies were covered?

    • Chukkalady says:

      Maybe she’s a serial mom who’s only interest is sperm donors…….how many other children does she have?

      • free747 says:

        Your post and other, show why black people are so stupid. Always protecting “da black man”. Can’t you read? This kid posted video-first. Then, once the cat was out of the bag- the alleged mother sued for her son to get what Jordon’s legitimate kidsd get. If the boy hadn’t let the secret out, this would still be a secret.
        Keep claiming racism and gold-diggers are to blame to everything.

    • Alex says:

      Agreed. If it doesn’t come back as Jordan’s the dad, then she can go for Paul Pierce, any of the Grants, etc.

  6. kdm says:

    Do I believe it? Absolutely. Michael Jordan certainly loved the ladies when he visited Chapel Hill. Unfortunately, the ladies cracked under the pressure of “celebrity” and his obvious charisma. Not judging. Both parties made the decisions. I am sure there are many of his children out there. Same for other former players who visited Chapel Hill after their time. I feel sad that our culture has us idolizing people with God-given skills rather than worshipping our Maker. Not on a soap box.. I know how it can happen. We are human.

  7. Christian Society says:

    This should be a crime. Why now should this woman come forth. We are talking about a child that was negleted by the mother not knowing who the father was in the first place. Dr. Mark L Huddleston PsyD, DCC, CFP talks about this matter in one of his books. The mother should not receive a penny. The daughter has a right to know who her true father is.

    • free747 says:

      Stupid comment. You must be black. Only black people find 27 million ways to say “Its not the black man’s fault……Its a set up!…..THEY are wrong.” Then you wonder why black males (poor to big money+ mansion celebs) die young, go bankrupt, get AIDS, get murdered, or go to prison.
      Try reading next time. The BOY lat the secret out. So now the mother looks like a fool raising a kid on her own while his FORBES 100 Richest dad lives large and so do his legit kids. Shove your book up your a8ss and stop looking for more excuses for da brothaz.

  8. feelingfroggy says:

    heres to hoping Michael does take an active role in your life … you talk as if the school system hasn’t .” Ya’ll ” … ” all that stuff “?

  9. Eugene Wilson says:

    I always thought Michael Jordan had class. Being the famous athlete, no doubt most girls would have been glad to sleep with him. I dont think the kid wants his fortune, rather, more a relationship and acknowledgement from his father.
    So here’s hoping Michael will show the world that he in fact has class and will do the right thing. Meanwhile Taj if you are Mike’s son then you are blesses with his athletic gene. Make a name for yourself by first getting a hidgher education. If you were smart enough to apply yourself in high school etc. go to college, play basketball be greater than mike. Make him sorry he did not give you the relationship you desired. Don’t be like Mike, BE BETTER THAN MIKE.You have in you. I hope your mom was the best parent she could be in encouraging you to meet certain goals and is not a golddigger. MAKE A NAME FOR YOURSELF AND DONT HANG BACK WAITING FOR THINGS TO HAPPEN. MAKE IT HAPPEN MAN. JUST DO IT!!

    • free747 says:

      If she were s gold digger,she would have sued earlier. Lie or the truth, both could have been done 17 years earlier.

  10. stfintn says:

    I hope MJ is this boy’s father. I know that will set a bunch of you off. Sorry. But IF he is not…this boy will probably never know who his father is. The mother has apparently told him enough times that MJ is his father because he posted the video. I don’t understand the women who sleep with married men, no matter famous or not, and what, they expect him to leave his wife or have his baby and he will love you or pay you. What kinda person does that make the woman, much less the guy. Until the people who idolize famous people raise their morals & standards, the famous are gonna keep taking what is offered.

    • free747 says:

      The fact that you are talking about the mother and NOT Jordan says YOU are one of those who idolizes pro athletes (or at least black male ones). You tired post is 100% pro-black male (“poor father black boy….poor Jordan being set up by a gold idgger who who sleeps with married men).

  11. timbal5 says:

    Here we go again!First and foremost, this kid sounds like an uneducated hoodlum,whose mother should have raised better… Jordan or not. This boy is a teenager and now their making all these claims. I am quiet sure she was paid handsomely for her to keep this secret for so long. If this boy and his mom are reading this,I say on to you: Ms.Smith, you should have invested in your sons education, private school or something. Taj, you sound and look like a backward fool putting this out there, if MJ is your father, shame on him and your MOM. It’s like someone wrote earlier, get yourself together and don’t look to anybody else. And MJ, if you are and have known it all these years, you just affirm non blacks of their perception of so called Black Males (“men”) & Black Females (“women”)for that matter.

    • free747 says:

      Uhhhh, most of Micheal Jordan’s mistresses were NON-black women. That is a fact! Google it and ask around! That is why Jordans influence was partly blamed for Tiger Woods scandal.
      Even if black women are no where around, black males end up doing the same crap. By the way, what about the fact that so many black males with NO money are making babies and walking away? Our President had a black dead beat dad with 3 sets of kids he walked out on (2 by white women). Stop making excuses.

  12. Tim Merkerson says:

    If this is his son, why did the mother wait so long to tell him??? I see the video and I don’t see it. I don’t think that the boy is his.

  13. jerryb says:

    Let’s see…..a pro basketball player having sex with a woman other than his wife. Shocking! Who would ever think this could possibly happen? Now that’s what you call a SLOW NEWS DAY.

  14. free747 says:

    Michael JordAn has made billions selling overproced sneakers to black boys who will murder for them. He has never made a low priced set of shoes -EVER! Even after , literally hundreds of killings! Don’t worry about him or his money! His Cuban fiancee, her family, and his white mistresses- will have it in the end.Stop blaming white people and greedy women for all that is wrong with black males.
    And learn to read! The BOY lat the secret out- not the mother. If it was about money, she wouldn’t be asking for a paternity test and support – NOW. There is just no winning. If she’d asked when the baby was born, you’d call her a gold digger. The boy may be a loser- but so is his alleged father. The only thing he is good at is….was basketball.

  15. knnyC says:

    Iyez da Pappi.

  16. free747 says:

    The boy is after Jordan’s $250 sneaker fortune. Let him have it.
    Let this woman have it. If you are black, you deserve a cut of this sneaker money- since youre the ones getting robbed or shot for them.

    • Tj says:

      I followed all of your posts and i would like to say FREE747 SHUT THE FUCK UP! you are not funny posting racist comments. Racism is a serious matter that shouldnt be taken lightly, too many pointless deaths came from it. not all blacks blame others for their failures, and when some blacks do they have a valid reason for it because discrimination, racism, and stereotyping still goes on today. As a black man myself i feel the constant judging that goes on today and i see firsthand that i am being viewd differently than my white peers, so for you to think that its the blacks fault all the time, is really ignorant. Now towards this Michael Jordan issue, yes this issue isnt helping towards the image of blacks and the black community but the blame should be put on both the mother and the father because it takes two to make a child. If MJ is the father both him and her are to blame for this child and his upbringing. The mother should have notified MJ earlier, and If mj knew then he’s a piece of shit. No amount of money could give this boy the proper father care he should of had.

  17. LaTisha says:

    Pam Smith Reynolds was married to Glenn Reynolds when the boy was conceived, born and raised by Glenn Reynolds until recently. After divorce, she foreclosed, file bankruptcy 2 times,lots of bad credit and bad debt. She is a oral sex instructor and flight stewardant

  18. Treemo says:

    If Michael Jordan has been “a part of” his life all of these years and MJ felt the need to keep this secret, someone (namely, his mother should tell this jyoug man that this isn’t going to do it. He should’ve had a talk with “his dad” and develop a relationship for MJ to man up and become father to this boy. But outing him on YouTube isn’t going to do it. If anything, it’ll probably push MJ even further away. It’s crappy but he’s already not being to much of a man about it by not being in the boys life. But then again, no one should expect his mother to know the right thing to do. After all, she slept with a married man and got pregnant by him. SMH. Trifling.

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