Percy Harvin Says He And Christian Ponder Had A Great Relationship

Percy Harvin, Christian Ponder

Percy Harvin has his money, a new city, and no more Migraines.  One thing Harvin wants to clear up is the perception that he had a problem with his quarterback Christian Ponder.

As we reported a few days ago, reports surfaced that Harvin and his disdain for Ponder as a quarterback was the final straw for the Vikings, and ultimately led to him being traded to Seattle. 

Harvin disputes that notion, and during a phone interview with Suzy Kolber on ESPN’s “NFL 32,” said that “he and Ponder had a great relationship.”

According to Larry Brown Sports, Harvin questioned the initial report from Yahoo Sports that stated he and Ponder weren’t on the same page, and during the interview he again reiterated that “he had no problem with Ponder.”

“My time with Minnesota was media blown,” Harvin told Kolber. “I had a great time in Minnesota. To the whole Christian Ponder thing, me and him had a great relationship. I hope he appreciated me just as much as I appreciated him. I never came out with any report saying my lack of faith in him or anything close to that. I haven’t done an interview since we inked, so I had no idea where all those reports came from.

“It was kind of disappointing to hear those reports coming out when I hadn’t done an interview since we inked. To clear all that up, me and Ponder had a great relationship. I appreciate him 100 percent and I hope he appreciated me the same as I did him.”

Again those are Harvin’s words, and we will truly know if Percy Harvin ever really had a problem with Christian Ponder.  It will be interesting to see how Harvin meshes with Russell Wilson.