Philadelphia’s DA Offers To Investigate Andrew Bynum For Fraud


Andrew Bynum is making $17 million this season and has yet to play a single game for the Philadelphia 76ers.  Bynum came out yesterday and hinted that he may not play a game this season because of pain in his knees.

Fans here in Philly are not pleased with Bynum, and are accusing him off dogging it, having no heart, stealing and being a fraud.

Well according to Crossing Broad, our own District Attorney here in Philadelphia, Seth Williams, has offered to investigate Bynum for “theft of services and fraud.”


No word yet on whether or not Mr. Williams was joking, but I’m sure most 76ers fans would not mind their tax dollars going towards such an investigation.

4 thoughts on “Philadelphia’s DA Offers To Investigate Andrew Bynum For Fraud

  • i feel sorry for the fans of Philly, but the owners of sports franchises have no one but themselves to blame for allowing the likes of Bynum to take advantage of them. the Bynums of the world need to have someone talk to them the same way common wage earners are talked to when they won’t produce: get busy or get out. and if you’re gonna give some big lazy lunk that kind of contract, include a clause that says if it can be determined they’re goldbricking, they will pay back every penny they earned plus interest.

  • That Philly DA should be tried and sentenced to the death penalty for proposing to perform prosecutorial evil.

  • Feel bad for fans, but did you really think he would magically grow a character, or a heart?

    The DA should chase him everywhere he goes, like insurance companies shadow worker’s comp cheats . . .

  • Bynum is known for this. He is lazy, immature and hates playing basketball. Philadelphia got taken by this lug.

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