Pilar Sanders Accuses Deion Sanders of Using Steroids During Custody Hearing


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I am not exactly sure what Steroids has to do with a child custody hearing, but nothing should be surprising in the divorce drama going currently with Deion and Pilar Sanders.

They have been in court of the last couple of days, to see who will get primary custody of their three children. There has been a lot of mudslinging and he said/she said moments.

This was just the latest.

Pilar Sanders was on the stand and started to testify about Deion Sanders taking steroids. The former professional athlete stood abruptly and left the courtroom as his attorneys objected. The jury was removed from the courtroom so the judge could hear arguments.

Pilar Sanders

Attorney Rick Robertson said that Deion Sanders has never used steroids. Attorney Luke Gunnstaks told the judge that the issue was relevant because the controlled substances were in a closet that was accessible to the children.

Judge Ray Wheless ruled that the testimony was too prejudicial and banned the jury from hearing any evidence on the matter.

I don’t think I have ever heard Deion’s name mentioned, with any type of PEDs use.  He wouldn’t be the type of player you would expect to use Steroids.  He was more naturally skilled, when you think of steroids, especially in the era that Deion played in, he would be one of the last players you would associate it with.  You can never say never, but I do believe in innocent until proven guilty and there is nothing to suggest Prime was ever on steroids.


Hopefully, the judge can sort through all the drama and do what is best for the kids. Then Deion and Pilar can both move on with their lives.

Truth be told Pilar has a better body than Deion right now, as you can see from photos above.

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  • This is another reason why a lot of black guys don’t get married.

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