Pilar Sanders Loses Case to Void Prenup & Will Receive No Child Support From Deion

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It has been a tough couple of weeks for Pilar Sanders, in her ongoing divorce and child custody battle against NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders.

First, she lost the custody battle with Deion (all three children now live with Deion and Pilar only has visitation rights) and now her battle. to get their 14 year old prenuptial agreement voided. has been shut down by an Arbitrator.

The prenuptial agreement between Deion and Pilar Sanders will stand. The arbitrator in their divorce confirmed both of them signed the agreement.

Pilar Sanders’ attorneys claimed the document was partially forged. The ruling settles the division of property between the estranged couple as spelled out in the agreement.

A Collin County judge also ruled Deion Sanders does not have to pay any more child support, that’s because a jury ruled the couple will have joint conservatorship of their daughter and he would be the sole conservator of their two sons.

This effectively ends the divorce proceedings between Deion and Pilar.  She will get whatever was laid out in the prenuptial agreement, while Deion will be the primary provider for the children.

It was an ugly proceeding from the beginning and accusations are still currently flying.  Hopefully, for the children sake, Deion and Pilar can find some middle ground in the future.

2 thoughts on “Pilar Sanders Loses Case to Void Prenup & Will Receive No Child Support From Deion

  • Good for Deion, Pilar can go kick rocks or suck a D*ck….whatever

  • It’s rare to see a man win a child support trial. I applaud Deion Sanders and his attorneys for not allowing the goldigging hoe Pilar to take some of his money. Deion dodged a expensive bullet!

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