Boxer Curtis Woodhouse Shows Up At The House Of a Twitter Troll


We are all aware of that guy or group of keyboard gangsters, who get on Twitter or Facebook and because they are sitting at a computer, feel the need to talk tough, or insult their celebrity of choice because they think or know he won’t do anything.

Hopefully this story courtesy of Deadspin changes that perception.

Curtis Woodhouse was once a professional soccer player, but took up the sport of boxing in 2006 and turned himself into a lightweight champion.

Woodhouse recently suffered a loss at the hands of Shayne Singleton, and had to go back to the drawing board. While chilling on Twitter, Woodhouse found himself on Twitter, being trolled and insulted by a keyboard gangster.



Woodhouse grew tired of the twitter abuse and trolling, and turned the tables on Jimmy and let his twitter troll know that he knew where he lived, and he was coming to pay him a visit.  How bout the Irony of that.





Eventually Jimmy calmed down, and as expected apologized.  The moral of the story, if you decide to troll your favorite star or athlete, one of these days he’s going to come and pay you a visit.


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  • LOL..dude backed up quick and pulled the “I was just joking” card…

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