Ravens and Joe Flacco Were $1 Million Apart On A Deal Last Year


As a gambler, I know all too well the feeling Joe Flacco is feeling as well as Ozzie Newsome. Last year before people started to recognize Flacco as “Joe Cool”, the Ravens were in limbo with how much they valued their five year starting quarterback.

In August, a contract could have been locked into place saving the Baltimore Ravens millions. How much to be exact?

Well according to the Baltimore Ravens official site, the two sides couldn’t come to terms and were $1 million away in total value from a six-year deal, where both sides ultimately wanted to be. The deal would have put Flacco in the ball park of receiving somewhere along the lines of $35 million in guarantee money. However, the Ravens gambled and so did Flacco, and in return Flacco hit the jack pot cashing in with $52 million guarantee instead.

You win some you lose some, but when you gamble and win big it almost makes you want to splurge and buy the 50 piece nuggets from McDonalds instead of the 10 piece.