Ravens Moving Courtney Upshaw To Middle Linebacker?


The Baltimore Ravens lost a lot on defensive via retirement, free agency and attrition.  Through creativity, faxgate, and a great general manager, the Ravens are set to be dominant on defense again.

The Ravens let Paul Kruger go via free agency because they figured a better pass rusher would replace him.  They didn’t expect that pass rusher to be Elvis Dumervil.  Dumervil fell into the Ravens lap, and now the team must figure out what to do with stud pass rusher Courtney Upshaw.

Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees thinks Upshaw can be a viable option at any one of the linebacker spots, and most importantly as he told the Carroll County Times, he wants Suggs, Dumervil, Upshaw all on the field together.

“He’ll be in competition as an outside ‘backer out there,” Pees said on WJZ-FM in Baltimore on Thursday, according to the Carroll County Times. “That’s where we’ll start him out. But the other thing is that you can’t have too many pass rushers, and we can find a way to get them all on the field now. We can scheme up some things to get all those guys on the field.”

“The way we teach this defense, all the (linebackers) have to know all four spots,” Pees said. “Because, again, I’ve always told these guys that I don’t want a good player standing on the sideline by me with a player out there on the field that I don’t think is as good because you can’t play another position. So, our guys have always learned a lot of different spots.

“We’ll do that again this spring, and then we’ll just make a decision after the OTAs and the minicamp and going into fall camp where everybody kind of really fits in this thing.”

The Ravens will attack you differently on defense now, but the front 7 will definitely be potent.