Report: Cardinals Have Interest In Carson Palmer For Cheap Price

Oakland Raiders v Cincinnati Bengals

The Arizona Cardinals as it has been reported do have interest in Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer, but it would have to be for a cheap price according to the Arizona Republic. 

According to sources, the Cardinals will make a deal for Palmer only if it doesn’t cost them much: late-round draft picks, possibly conditional on how, or if, Palmer plays.

Acquiring Palmer, 33, from the Raiders won’t be simple. The Raiders first have to consummate a trade with the Seahawks for quarterback Matt Flynn, and that requires Flynn re-working his contract.

If the Raiders are able to trade for Flynn, they would then try to trade Palmer for a late round pick before deciding to release him.

Palmer could as we previously reported, balk at restructuring his deal, therefor ensuring his release and allowing him to pick the next team he plays for.