Report: Darrelle Revis Most Likely Headed To Buccaneers


The details are premature at this point, but unless the deal falls through, Darrelle Revis is most likely headed to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers according to Jeff McClane of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Pro Football Talk is also reporting that it will be Tampa Bay according to sources.  Former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum believes a trade for Revis should bring the Jets similar compensation that Minnesota got for Harvin.

The Challenge now is to get a deal done that works for both teams.  Will the Jets get a deal on par to what Minnesota got for Percy Harvin, probably not, but the Jets need to decide if chasing a 1st round pick is worth missing out on dealing Revis.

There are several factors that are involved in said scenario, and something will eventually have to give.