Report: Inmates Try to Shank OJ Simpson in Prison Yard


The story sounds so unbelievable, I seriously doubt it is true, but the fact that it is so unbelievable, makes it an interesting read.  I would expect this type of story to be in one of those novels you get at the airport bookstore.

Here are the details courtesy of Bossip and I will let you decide if you think it is true or not.

The attack came on Feb. 16 during visiting day at Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center. The disgraced football great was relaxing in the prison yard, chatting with pals including a band of doting homosexuals who call themselves “The Girls.”

“The guards sounded the sirens from the prison towers and rushed in with tear gas guns and other firepower.” “At first, O.J. was watching all this from a distance and didn’t even notice that two inmates were approaching him.

“The two white power prisoners charged toward O.J. They lunged at him and slashed at his face, coming close to cutting him. Luck­ily, they were blocked by his girly-man buddies. They may act like chicks but, believe me, they’re darn tough.”

Given the chance to escape, a terrified, O.J. ran for the safety of his cell, ducking and weaving through the brawling inmates.

“The white power inmates want to kill him so they can have bragging rights,” said the insider. “They want the badge of honor as the guys who got O.J. Simpson!”

I think someone is spreading Duck Tales behind the prison walls.  I wouldn’t be shocked, if it was OJ himself, leaking these stories to keep himself in the news.  If it is true, he is lucky to be alive.

The fact still remains, that OJ is the dumbest man on the planet.   I am not going to get into if he is guilty or not of killing two people, but in a court of law, he was found not guilty and could have lived a quiet life. Instead, he continually got caught up in drama, until it finally caught up with him.

That’s why he is in jail right now.

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  • Fuhrman is smarter than Obama and OJ put together.

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