Report: Miami Heat Considering Re-signing Juwan Howard

Juwan Howard Rap Album

Last we check, Juwan Howard was coming out with a rap CD, but he never officially retired. No one really wants a 40 year old bench warmer, but the Miami Heat have a soft spot for him.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports says that the Heat are strongly considering bringing him back to be the official towel holder and cabbage patch dancer of the team.

The Miami Heat are strongly considering signing 40-year-old forward Juwan Howard, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

After playing the past two years with the Heat, Howard has remained unsigned this season. He has stayed in shape and has been working out throughout the season.

I just wish they would have signed him a couple of weeks ago, so he could have been in the Heat’s Harlem Shake video.

One thought on “Report: Miami Heat Considering Re-signing Juwan Howard

  • They should have hired him as a assist coach,,,,,kind of silly to have him on the team this late in the season…especially when it’s obvious they don’t need him.

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