Report: Phil Jackson Mentoring Dwight Howard

Phil Jackson


Although he didn’t end up as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers this time, Phil Jackson has continued to exert his considerable influence when it comes to the Lakers franchise. After commenting recently on their offense and saying that the team has cut Dwight Howard out, Phil Jackson has reportedly taken it a step further.

Per ESPN, Phil Jackson and Lakers center Dwight Howard have been keeping in touch. With Jackson sending helpful tips and encouraging words to the star center. Dwight elaborated on their relationship recently.

I’ve had people really just help me out,’ Howard said. ‘Guys like Phil [Jackson], he texts me and he understands how it is to come off back surgery. He just said it takes a full year to recover, so you can’t beat yourself up over the things that have happened this year.’”

One has to wonder, perhaps this is a sign of a return to the coaching bench in Los Angeles? It is only natural to be curious as to why Jackson has taken such an interest in this team.

We’ll have to wait and see. The Lakers main focus should just be making the playoffs.