Report: Roger Goodell Fears a Player will Die on the Field

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has made it his business to make the game of football a safer game for the players. With new emphasis on safety and fining players for hits deemed excessively rough, Goodell has done his best to make sure nothing tragic ever happens on the field.

But, football is a naturally violent game. And despite Goodell’s best efforts, there is always a chance of something tragic happening on the field because of the nature of the game. In fact, it appears the fear of a player dying on the field is what has been driving Goodell’s emphasis on player safety. At least if you ask a close friend who spoke with ESPN The Magazine’s Don Van Natta Jr.

 “He’s terrified of it,” an unnamed Hall of Fame player who regularly speaks with Goodell commented.

It wouldn’t just be a tragedy. It would be awfully bad for business.”

Let’s just hope that Goodell’s worst fear never materializes.