Report: Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren to Try “Trial Marriage” With Cheating Clause

Elin Tiger Woods

Tiger and Elin were spotted together last week and it got everyone talking about a reconciliation. Tiger has already had to fork over $100+ million to Elin in their divorce, since he was caught cheating with a bunch of porn stars and waitresses.


It is possible, he is just trying to recoup some of his money or he wants to do it for the kids, both are reasonable explanations. Sometimes, you don’t know how good you have things, until they are taken away from you. There were some reports that Elin wanted a $200 million to come back and a $350 cheating clause in a prenuptial agreement. She is no Tom Brady, she isn’t trying to give Tiger any relief on his Cheating Cap.

New reports from Bossip, says the couple are taking it slow, but are making progress.

“Tiger and Elin have been secretly discussing get­ting back together for several weeks,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“The final straw came when Sam begged Elin, ‘Please, Mommy, marry Daddy again! I want him home with us all the time!’

“It touched Elin’s heart. Since then, she’s spent the night at Tiger’s house several times, but they’re taking it slow.

“Elin wants to ease back into the relationship be­fore she walks down the aisle with Tiger again.”

This doesn’t mesh well with the reports that Tiger has been dating skier Lindsey Vonn.  Maybe, he is just keeping Lindsey as a sidechick just in case it doesn’t work out with Elin.

The question that is really important is which woman will help him win some more majors?  That is all we really want to know.

2 thoughts on “Report: Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren to Try “Trial Marriage” With Cheating Clause

  • If they can make it work then good for them… least it’ll save him alot of money

  • I don’t think Tiger Woods needs the money. I think he realizes that he screwed up and that he misses his ex wife and wants her back. When you look at his indiscretions, they were bad, stupid, immoral….all of those things. Someone in Tiger’s position, though, has so many hot women throwing themselves at him, that the temptation is immense. It is a lot easier for an average guy like me to be faithful, so it is unfair for most of us to judge Tiger. Lets face it, sometimes virtue is just a lack of opportunity!

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