Richard Sherman to Skip Bayless on 1st Take: “You’re Ignorant, Pompous & Egotistical”


bso asante samuel says richard sherman ate humble pie

I know what you are thinking.

Richard Sherman just ethered Skip Bayless on 1st Take and you are partially right, but you are missing the bigger picture. This is what Skip Bayless wants. because 1st Take is nothing more than the WWE at this point.

Bayless is Vince McMahon, Stephen A. Smith is Virgil and they have some other jobbers to fill out the roster. So, when a Richard Sherman plays the role of Stone Cold Steve Austin, we all get a laugh out of it, but the fact remains as long as people watch and report on it, it is just feeds the beast that is Skip Bayless.

It also drives home the point, that our society is turning more toward being skiptized, than fair and unbiased reporting and analysis from the media.

It is why Skip is winning even when he is losing. Is that right Water Pistol Pete?


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