Robert Guerrero Says God Sent Him to Humble Floyd Mayweather

Robert Guerrero

Guerrero’s wife Casey has overcome a battle with leukemia, so I am not surprised he has a strong faith in God, with that being said I am not sure GOD himself wants Floyd Mayweather to be beaten.

He had 43 other fighters, he could have sent to do the job, but here is what The Ghost had to say while making an appearance on The 700 Club.

“When you believe amazing things happened. I am telling you all now, that I am going to beat him. I believe God does things for a reason. I believe he put me here to humble Floyd Mayweather and it’s going to happen”

He went a little Ray Lewis on us. Guerrero is a quality opponent, probably the best Mayweather has fought in a while. He is also in his prime and hungry.

If Mayweather wins it won’t be a cheap victory and if Guerrero wins, it won’t be GOD, it will be his hands that are the reasons why.