Robert Kraft Says Belichick Is The Best Coach Ever, Brady Is The Best QB Ever



The debate about who the best coach of all time and who the best quarterback of all time can be carried for hours.  The list of all time great coaches worthy of being the best ever may not be that long, but the debate about who the best quarterback of all time won’t be settled in one conversation that’s for sure.

One man in particular thinks he has the best of both worlds.  Patriots owner Robert Kraft was on Pro Football Talk and confidently told Mike Florio that his coach and quarterback are the best to ever do it at their respective positions.

“I don’t think there’s been one in the history of the NFL — I think we’re privileged to have, probably, the finest coach and the finest quarterback, and we happen to have them at the same time,” Kraft said. “It’s going to be hard to win continuously without a good coach and a good quarterback. Next season, please God, will be our 20th season. And we’ve hired two coaches in that time — two head coaches — and we’ve had two quarterbacks start for our team in those 20 seasons.”

I’ll let my readers be the judge of this.


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