Rockets Didn’t Know Royce White Quit D-League; White Wants Recognition (Video)

Royce White CNN

I want you to look at that photo above and tell me if this is a guy with a serious mental disorder , that should in theory, have him shying away from attention?

Jocks and Stiletto Jill provides us with the video of White on CNN speaking to Don Lemon about his alleged social anxiety disorder.

Jill makes the point and I agree with this, that when Lemon asks White several times what haven’t the Rockets done for him, his answer is suspect at best. He repeatedly says recognition, but that isn’t a tangible thing. He simply couldn’t answer, because the Rockets have went above and beyond trying to help White transition to the NBA.

How about be a professional for once and not bail on your D-League assignment, without even notifying the team.

What recognition does White want? He will speak to anyone with a microphone and a camera, to say he is being done wrong, but never specifically says how.

He mentions sleeping in hotels, but if you work in any industry that forces you to travel, you have to sleep in a hotel. What does White want the Rockets to do? Let White sleep at home and then send a private jet for him? Actually they can’t do that, because White won’t fly.

White has a disorder, but it isn’t anxiety, it is attention whoring and millions are suffering from. White is using a legitimate disorder, to act like a baby and it is sad.

Maybe someone should recognized White’s 4 kids, by 3 women or the text messages saying he won’t be a father to his child. Let’s see if he wants to talk about that.

I don’t feel bad for the Rockets, because they knew the risk, but it is time to cut the cord.

4 thoughts on “Rockets Didn’t Know Royce White Quit D-League; White Wants Recognition (Video)

  • But this is what you do

  • Wow RL two stories today where you calling for an athlete to lose money. First Muhammad shouldn’t be drafted because of his age now the Rockets should cut dude? W

  • you are a little biased. Here is the problem, A person says he is not normal and needs work place help, you being “normal” says this is silly,
    but how can a “crazy” person explain his needs? If he is not “normal” as he claims, he has acted as one would expect a non “normal” person to act. This is lunacy on the organization, thinking they can fix White. I will quote the old adage you can’t turn a ho into a housewife.

  • I agree that the Rockets should cut this guy. As a matter of fact, I think they should sue him for the money he’s been paid. He does not have a disorder. He wants things his way and thinks this is the right way to go by getting it done. You guys saw the interview, did he or did he NOT answer a direct question? Don’t worry I’ll wait…NO HE DID NOT. Which means he had no logical reason for doing what he’s doing. If you’re not willing to help yourself, why should anybody else help you? Think about it like this, he took up a spot that some other kid could’ve had by being drafted by the Rockets and would’ve been greatful.

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