Roy Hibbert Tricks Fan Into Thinking He’s Not Roy Hibbert


If you walk up to a 7’2 male with visible muscles and you believe he is an athlete chances are he is. Now if they say no, one has to weigh in the factor most celebrities just don’t want to be bother. However you still plead your case for the autograph. If it turns out to be just a regular tall guy well you can keep that story to yourself, but if it turns out to be who you suspected it to be than you got the signature and a funny story

That’s what one fan should have done upon walking up to Indiana Pacer Roy Hibbert, however he fell for the okie dokie.

Roy Hibbert is one of the tallest player in the league. How often do you see a 7’2” guy at Starbucks? I’ll answer that for you never, or at least I haven’t. So either this supposedly fan isn’t really a fan or he is extremely gullible.

A while later Hibbert retweeted the above tweet of a person claiming to be the gullible fan at Starbucks. If this is the person now it makes sense why he didn’t think it was Hibbert. He is a Houston Rocket fan now it’s all adding up.