Russell Westbrook on The Cover of COMPLEX Magazine (Photos)


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Being a sports celebrity these days, isn’t just about how you play on the court or on the field.  A lot of if has to do with what you do off the field as well.

When you are a secondary star in a city, you have to do that much more to stand out against your peers.  Kevin Durant is the main star in Oklahoma City, the big brother so to speak, while Russell Westbrook is seen more as the angry little brother.

One way Russell expresses himself to get more attention, is through his attire.  I think at first it was a phase, but then, after he saw how people reacted and the fact they were talking about him and not Durant, he decided to take it as far as he possibly could.

It is working, because Complex is his second “Fashion Cover” this year.

Russell Westbrook Complex 2

H/T Jocks and Stiletto Jill for the Photos.