Ryan Fitzpatrick: Being Released Stinks

Ryan Fitzpatrick


When news broke yesterday that Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick had been released, opinions ranged far and wide. For a quarterback that just two years ago signed a a 6-year extension, the Bills certainly lost faith in Fitzpatrick pretty quickly. With Fizpatrick record with the Bills ending at 19-34, I can’t blame them.

Fitzpatrick himself weighed in on being released to Dan Hanzus of NFL.com and let it be known that himself and the Bills had been talking for weeks so it wasn’t really a shock. But, that doesn’t change the fact that it still hurts.

It stinks. I really did enjoy being a Buffalo Bill, and unfortunately we couldn’t get anything worked out.”

“Obviously I’m not the one making those decisions, but you kind of have an idea at this point,” he said. “But looking at the current roster, I don’t think there was any way I wasn’t gonna be the guy for this next season. And so, that was my mindset going in to it.”

At the very least I believe Fitzpatrick can be an adequate backup for another team in the league. I don’t think he will be a free agent for very long. Quarterback is a position of need in this league and I’m sure somebody will give him another opportunity.