Savannah and LeBron Have Date Night At “Motown Revue” (PHOTOS)

lebron and savannah motown

What’s the best way to stop rumors of Splitsville?

Well if you’re LeBron James and Savannah, you attend the charity event at Motown Revue with your mate in hand and engagement ring attached.

After Savannah was noticeably missing from the visit to the White House, rumors started to circulate that the Ohio couple was headed down the road to Splitsville. The decision to forfeit the festivals in Houston during All-Stars week only provided more fuel for the alleged allegations.

However, last night the couple could be seen dancing the night away at the Motown Revue, which was hosted by the Miami Heat. According to a source seen at the party the two seemed very happy.

“When the guys lost to the girls, he made the joke and embraced her for a big kiss,” says the onlooker. “They were very loving. Later, when they posed for pictures, he made her laugh and gave her a huge kiss on the cheek. The two seemed really happy from the second they walked in until the second they left. They are very lovely people!”

This year’s gala was once again hosted at the Gables Estates, and the Miami Heat raised a $1,300,000 at the benefit. Its always nice to see everyone come together for a good cause. View pictures from the event below.