Savannah Brinson Says She and Lebron Are Definitely Getting Married

Savannah Brinson 3

Rumors of troubles within The King’s court were swirling after Savannah didn’t show up at the White House or NBA All-Star game with Lebron James.

Reports were that Lebron was having second thoughts about getting married (might have been watching Eddie Murphy RAW, but we can’t confirm or deny that), but Brinson says don’t believe everything that you hear.

“Some people have nothing better to do than starting rumors,” Brinson told me at a recent Miami society gala. “It’s not because we’re not together 24/7 that we’re having problems.”

So, Savannah, are you guys still getting married?

Yes, we are definitely getting married, but I’m not telling you when or where!”

Athlete relationships are very similar to NBA trade rumors and Dwight Howard quotes, don’t believe anything that you hear. The only people who really know the truth are Lebron and Savannah.

They could get married tomorrow or Lebron could pull a D Wade and be with Mila Kunis next week, you just never know, so don’t try to figure it out.