Sixers GM Says Andrew Bynum Might Need Another Knee Surgery

Andrew Bynum, Luck

At this point, the season is lost for Andrew Bynum and Sixers, so we have to start looking into the future. Bynum is 25 years old and has only had one semi-healthy productive season in the NBA.

He has had numerous knee issues and surgeries. According to the Sixers GM, in the video below, he is considering having another knee surgery this year.

If you are the Sixers or any team in the NBA, what is Andrew Bynum’s worth as a free agent? There are a lot of players in the NBA with Max contracts, that aren’t max players, but at least they play regularly  We don’t even know if Bynum can be a franchise player, since he has never been the #1 option on a team.

It will be a gamble for any team to bring him on, who is willing to throw the dice, knowing they can crap out if the dice come up Oden?