Stan Van Gundy Says the Magic Should Retire Dwight Howard’s Number

Stan Van Gundy

I guess time really does heal all wounds.

Former Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy, really seems to have let bygones be bygones when it comes to the player who was allegedly, is the main reason why he lost his job.

In a story in the Orlando Sentinel, Van Gundy, apparently told a local radio station that not only should Magic fans cheer Dwight Howard but that the organization should also retire his and Shaq’s numbers.

“They are the two best players in the history of the organization,” Stan said on our Open Mike radio show Monday. “If you’re not going to retire their numbers then whose numbers are you going to retire. Maybe you don’t have to retire any numbers, but to me, yeah, if you’re going to retire any numbers, those would have to be the first two.”

“I think he should be greeted very well (by Magic fans),” Stan said. “He had eight very good years here. … While he was here, he did a great job for the organization and took it to unprecedented heights. I would think the fans should reward that and give him a very nice ovation.”

While Van Gundy has a point, I don’t see that happening with all that has been said and done, not to mention the possibility that when Howards career is over, just like Shaq, we’ll most likely associate the most successful parts of their careers with teams that are not the Magic.