Stephen Jones Says Brian Urlacher To Cowboys Doesn’t Make Much Sense


Brian Urlacher is searching for a team and a contract he deems worthy of his skills.  If Urlacher doesn’t hurry up and either take a deal or find a team, he could be the odd man out.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Dallas Cowboys who were linked to Urlacher because of their switch to the 4-3 defense and addition of defense line coach Rod Marinelli are saying thanks, but no thanks to Urlacher.

“He has a history with Rod, so we’ve gotten a good indication what that’s all about there. You’re talking about a Hall of Fame player here, an Urlacher. You don’t ever dismiss Hall of Famers in my book,” Jones said today. “But obviously it’d be difficult. He plays what Sean plays and to move everything around for a year doesn’t really make a lot of sense. But at the same time you don’t ever rule it out.”

That definitely makes sense from the Cowboys point of view, because Sean Lee has come into his own, and is a monster at middle linebacker.

I think it would be fair to say that Lee is better than Urlacher right now, so what would be the need to add Urlacher.