Terrell Owens Calls Gossip Blogger Perez Hilton a “Sweet Boy” via Twitter (Photo)

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Something about calling Perez Hilton a “Sweet Boy” and then in the next breath saying “God is Good”, I find utterly hilarious.  You can’t do that T.O., you know this.

Perez Hilton Terrell Owens

Perez Hilton is one of the original celebrity gossip bloggers to pop up back in the day. He also is openly gay, hence the “sweet boy” comment.

Hilton is one of the reasons that a lot of bloggers think they can become rich overnight, as he became a multi-millionaire off his blog where he put scribbled captions over celebrity gossip stories. T.O. didn’t take too kindly to headline Hilton made about his tax issues with the IRS and that is what triggered the Tweet.

Not exactly sure why that particular headline bothered Owens, I have seen a lot worst, but maybe he just was at the end of his rope and decided to snap back.  Whatever the case next time try not to include “Sweet Boy” and “God” in the same Tweet.  Ray Lewis would not approve.


Ironically, there is a website that combines the name of T.O. and Perez Hilton called TerezOwens.com

4 thoughts on “Terrell Owens Calls Gossip Blogger Perez Hilton a “Sweet Boy” via Twitter (Photo)

  • I think T.O. Let the DEVIANT off easy, He should have called him A Filthy Stinking Fugly Phaggot , thats what he is

  • This P.C. Crap has gone to Far. Gays can come out and Attack Anyone but, if you Fight Back, they play the Gay Card or call you a Bigot, Nasty Perverts

  • T.O should have also said that something else he knows is good is p*ssy…which I doubt if “sweetboy” knows anything about….

  • Hilton is a filthy phony, that baby in a jar of his is going to be one ugly, fucked up mental case.

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