Terrell Suggs Says He’s Never Played With A Pass Rusher Like Elvis Dumervil


The Baltimore Ravens to a man are ecstatic about the addition of Elvis Dumervil.  You can add the most dominant personality left on the roster to the list of players who are excited.

Suggs couldn’t be happier, and feels with him and Dumervil on opposite sides of the line, there won’t be a pass rush duo like them in the league.

Suggs told the Baltimore Sun, Dumervil is the most dominant pass rusher he’s ever had the chance to play with.

“I think this move is awesome,” Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs told The Baltimore Sun. “It shows we’re still in the business of winning and we have the best [general manager] in the world.”

“He is a phenomenal pass rusher and I have not had a chance to play alongside another dominant pass rusher,” Suggs said.

There has been some talk that the addition of Dumervil might spell the end of Suggs time in Baltimore.  If these two dominant pass rushers are healthy and playing together, look out.